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    aplication Empty aplication

    Post by realezy on Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:50 am

    Personal Information
    Picture of Self:no
    IJJI Forum name*:dont use forums really.
    Tell Us About Yourself! This is your opportunity for us to get to know you: i wanna join because killofall is in ure clan. thats bout it;p


    Do you have:

    In-Game Info
    Rank*:dont know.
    Rank on alt acc?*:no alt.
    Preferred Class*:any
    Class For Scrimming*(Pick only one):err snipe/ar but ar i guess.
    Total game time/week*:depends if its fun with this clan i can be on any time really.
    Do you like to scrim/play competitively?*:yeah but no more lans for me:P
    Prior experience?*:pretty much any game.
    Prior clans*:in ava? none.
    Reason for leaving (if had a prior clan):none
    Where did you hear about The Charisma?: killofall<
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    aplication Empty Re: aplication

    Post by ismail1324 on Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:46 am

    hes joining because of killofall dont we need more dedicated members?
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    Post by Emorangers23 on Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:03 pm

    Please add our Affidavit below into your application post. Just edit your post and put it in. Also, please find out your rank and correctly put what class you use the most AR is not an AVA term. There Sniper, Pointman, and Rifleman. Also, I'm going to say this now.... since you're such buddies with Kilo... the first time you're caught using any third party programs and any kind of cheating you will be automatically removed from the game. Mk?

    Affidavit (must read and sign to be able to join)*:

    I, (insert REAL name here) have read the complete The Charisma rules and policies (----), and affirm that I understood them and AGREE TO FOLLOW them. I will take full responsibility for my actions (and disciplinary actions) if I violate the clan rules. If I have any questions about the clan rules or any other clan procedures I am aware that I can ask any of the Staff and Admin members for help to understand them.

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